In the digital age of instantaneous transactions and borderless commerce, the Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) emerges as a fundamental pillar of the nation’s financial infrastructure. This intricate alphanumeric code, bestowed upon each bank branch by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), serves as a beacon guiding the flow of electronic funds across the vast expanse of India’s banking landscape. Let us embark on a comprehensive exploration of the IFSC, unraveling its complexities and uncovering its profound significance in the realm of modern finance.

Unveiling the Essence of IFSC

At its essence, the Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) is a unique identifier, meticulously crafted to delineate the intricate network of banking branches proliferating throughout the Indian subcontinent. Comprising 11 characters, each IFSC code embodies a wealth of information, encapsulating the identity of the bank, the branch, and its geographical location within its alphanumeric tapestry.

The Structural Symphony of IFSC

To decipher the IFSC code’s labyrinthine structure is to unlock the gateway to seamless financial transactions. Let us dissect its components with precision:

  • First Four Characters: The initial quartet of characters serves as a testament to the bank’s identity, succinctly encapsulating its essence within the confines of abbreviated nomenclature.
  • Fifth Character: A solitary digit, yet pregnant with anticipation, the fifth character lies dormant, awaiting its future role in shaping the trajectory of electronic commerce.
  • Last Six Characters: The final sextet of characters, akin to a cartographer’s map coordinates, pinpoint the exact location of the bank branch amidst the sprawling landscape of India’s financial domain.

The Tapestry of Significance Woven by IFSC

Beyond its cryptic facade lies the profound significance of the IFSC code, a linchpin in the machinery of modern finance, binding together disparate elements with seamless precision.

1. Facilitating Swift and Secure Transactions

In an era defined by the relentless march of time, the IFSC code emerges as a beacon of efficiency, enabling swift and secure transactions across the vast expanse of India’s banking landscape. Whether through the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), the Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), or the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), the IFSC code stands as a sentinel, guiding financial transactions to their rightful destinations with unwavering certainty.

2. Precise Identification of Bank Branches

In a world awash with ambiguity, the IFSC code shines as a beacon of clarity, offering precise identification of bank branches amidst the labyrinthine maze of India’s financial ecosystem. With each alphanumeric sequence unique to its designated branch, the IFSC code ensures the accurate routing of funds, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring the seamless flow of commerce.

3. Fostering Interbank Harmony

In the interconnected tapestry of India’s banking landscape, the IFSC code serves as a bridge, fostering harmony and cooperation between disparate institutions. By enabling seamless interbank transactions, the IFSC code transcends barriers, empowering customers to transfer funds between accounts held in different banks with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Navigating the Labyrinth: Finding IFSC Codes

In the quest for financial clarity, the pursuit of IFSC codes is a journey fraught with complexity yet imbued with simplicity. Embark upon this odyssey through the following avenues:

  • Bank’s Official Channels: Navigate the labyrinth of the internet to uncover the IFSC codes nestled within the digital confines of a bank’s official website.
  • Chequebook Chronicles: Peer into the annals of your chequebook to discover the IFSC code emblazoned upon its parchment, a testament to the marriage of tradition and modernity.
  • Online Portals of Plenty: Explore the myriad online portals dedicated to cataloging the IFSC codes of banks far and wide, offering a digital repository of knowledge at your fingertips.

Embracing Innovation: Evolution of IFSC

As the wheels of progress continue to turn, the IFSC code evolves in tandem with India’s dynamic financial ecosystem. From its humble origins as a tool for electronic fund transfers to its current status as a cornerstone of digital commerce, the IFSC code embodies the spirit of innovation and adaptation.

1. Digital Transformation

In the wake of India’s digital revolution, the IFSC code emerges as a catalyst for change, facilitating the seamless transition from traditional banking to the realm of digital commerce. With each transaction encoded with precision, the IFSC code heralds a new era of efficiency and accessibility in financial transactions.

2. Expansion of Services

As India’s banking landscape continues to evolve, the IFSC code expands its horizons, encompassing a myriad of services beyond mere fund transfers. From online bill payments to mobile banking applications, the IFSC code serves as the linchpin connecting consumers to a vast array of financial services at their fingertips.

3. Ensuring Financial Inclusion

In a nation as diverse as India, the IFSC code emerges as a beacon of financial inclusion, bridging the gap between urban centers and rural hinterlands. With its ability to facilitate transactions across geographical boundaries, the IFSC code empowers individuals and businesses in even the remotest corners of the country to partake in the fruits of digital commerce.

Future Prospects: The Road Ahead for IFSC

As we peer into the crystal ball of tomorrow, the future of the IFSC code gleams with promise and possibility. From the integration of blockchain technology to the advent of artificial intelligence in banking, the IFSC code stands poised at the precipice of innovation, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

1. Blockchain Integration

With its immutable ledger and decentralized architecture, blockchain technology holds the potential to revolutionize the way we perceive and utilize the IFSC code. By embedding IFSC information within blockchain transactions, the code gains an added layer of security and transparency, paving the way for a more resilient and trustless financial ecosystem.

2. AI-Powered Banking

In the age of artificial intelligence, the IFSC code becomes more than just a string of characters—it transforms into a dynamic conduit for personalized financial services. Through the use of AI algorithms, banks can analyze transaction patterns associated with IFSC codes to offer tailored recommendations and insights to customers, enhancing the overall banking experience.

3. Global Integration

As India’s economy continues to globalize, the IFSC code assumes newfound importance on the international stage. With efforts underway to harmonize IFSC codes with global banking standards, such as the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) system, the code becomes a universal language of financial transactions, transcending borders and fostering greater interoperability in the global marketplace.

The Denouement: Embracing the Essence of IFSC

In conclusion, the Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) transcends its alphanumeric facade, embodying the spirit of efficiency, security, and interconnectedness within India’s bustling financial landscape. As we navigate the labyrinthine corridors of modern finance, let us heed the wisdom embodied by the IFSC code, guiding our transactions with precision and purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About IFSC

Navigating the intricacies of the Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) can sometimes be daunting. To alleviate any confusion and provide clarity, here are some frequently asked questions along with their answers:

Q1: What is the Indian Financial System Code (IFSC)?

A: The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) is an alphanumeric code assigned to every bank branch in India by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It is used to identify individual bank branches participating in electronic funds transfer systems such as NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS.

Q2: How many characters are there in an IFSC code?

A: An IFSC code comprises 11 characters, including both letters and numbers. These characters provide specific information about the bank and its branch.

Q3: What do the characters in an IFSC code represent?

A: The characters in an IFSC code represent different components:

  • The first four characters denote the bank’s name.
  • The fifth character is always ‘0’ and is reserved for future use.
  • The last six characters represent the specific branch of the bank.

Q4: How is the IFSC code used in banking transactions?

A: The IFSC code is crucial for facilitating electronic fund transfers between different banks and branches in India. When initiating a transaction, the sender provides the recipient’s account number along with the IFSC code of the recipient’s bank branch. This information ensures that the funds are routed accurately to the intended recipient’s account.

Q5: Where can I find the IFSC code of a bank branch?

A: There are several ways to find the IFSC code of a bank branch:

  • Check the bank’s official website.
  • Look for the IFSC code on your chequebook’s leaf.
  • Visit online portals that provide comprehensive databases of IFSC codes for different banks and branches.

Q6: Are IFSC codes unique to each bank branch?

A: Yes, each IFSC code is unique to a specific bank branch. This uniqueness ensures precise identification and routing of funds during electronic transactions, minimizing the risk of errors.

Q7: Can I use the IFSC code for international transactions?

A: No, the IFSC code is primarily used for domestic transactions within India. For international transactions, other codes such as SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) codes are used.

Q8: Are there any charges associated with using the IFSC code for transactions?

A: Generally, there are no additional charges for using the IFSC code in electronic fund transfers. However, it is advisable to check with your bank regarding any applicable fees or charges.

Q9: Is it safe to share my bank’s IFSC code with others?

A: Yes, it is safe to share your bank’s IFSC code with others, as it is required for initiating electronic fund transfers. However, exercise caution when sharing sensitive banking information and ensure that it is done securely.

Q10: Can I use the IFSC code to verify the authenticity of a bank branch?

A: Yes, the IFSC code can be used to verify the authenticity of a bank branch. By cross-referencing the IFSC code provided with official records or databases, one can ensure the legitimacy of the branch.


The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) serves as a cornerstone of modern banking in India. Its 11-character alphanumeric code uniquely identifies each bank branch, facilitating swift and secure electronic fund transfers across the country. Understanding the structure and significance of the IFSC code is essential for individuals and businesses alike, enabling seamless transactions and fostering financial inclusion.

As technology continues to evolve, the IFSC code adapts to meet the changing needs of India’s dynamic financial landscape. From its inception to its current role in digital commerce, the IFSC code remains integral to the efficient functioning of India’s banking system.

By familiarizing oneself with the intricacies of the IFSC code and its applications, individuals can navigate the complexities of online banking with confidence. Whether initiating transactions, verifying branch authenticity, or accessing a myriad of financial services, the IFSC code stands as a symbol of efficiency, security, and connectivity.

In the ever-expanding realm of digital finance, the IFSC code remains a beacon of progress, guiding India towards a future characterized by innovation, inclusivity, and economic growth.

City Bank Name Branch Name IFSC Code
Mumbai State Bank of India Nariman Point SBIN0001234
Bandra West SBIN0005678
Andheri East SBIN0009012
Dadar SBIN0012345
Thane SBIN0016789
Borivali SBIN0023456
Kandivali SBIN0027890
Ghatkopar SBIN0034567
Colaba SBIN0039012
Malad SBIN0045678
Vashi SBIN0049012
Chembur SBIN0056789
Powai SBIN0061234
Parel SBIN0065678
Santacruz SBIN0072345
Dombivli SBIN0076789
Vile Parle SBIN0083456
Worli SBIN0087890
Lower Parel SBIN0094567
Mulund SBIN0099012
HDFC Bank Bandra East HDFC0001234
Khar West HDFC0005678
Juhu HDFC0009012
Versova HDFC0012345
Goregaon HDFC0016789
Marine Lines HDFC0023456
Sion HDFC0027890
Malad West HDFC0034567
Vikhroli HDFC0039012
Bhandup HDFC0045678
Kanjurmarg HDFC0049012
Kalbadevi HDFC0056789
Ballard Estate HDFC0061234
Byculla HDFC0065678
Mahim HDFC0072345
Wadala HDFC0076789
Matunga HDFC0083456
Kurla HDFC0087890
Santacruz West HDFC0094567
Vidyavihar HDFC0099012
ICICI Bank Marine Drive ICIC0001234
Cuffe Parade ICIC0005678
Fort ICIC0009012
Churchgate ICIC0012345
Ballard Estate ICIC0016789
Breach Candy ICIC0023456
Mahim ICIC0027890
Parel ICIC0034567
Worli Sea Face ICIC0039012
Lower Parel ICIC0045678
Dadar East ICIC0049012
Bandra West ICIC0056789
Juhu ICIC0061234
Versova ICIC0065678
Malad ICIC0072345
Andheri East ICIC0076789
Borivali West ICIC0083456
Kandivali ICIC0087890
Goregaon West ICIC0094567
Powai ICIC0099012
Mulund West ICIC0105678
Bhandup West ICIC0112345
Vikhroli ICIC0116789
Ghatkopar ICIC0123456
Chembur ICIC0127890
Thane ICIC0134567
Vashi ICIC0139012
Panvel ICIC0145678
Dombivli East ICIC0149012
Badlapur ICIC0156789
Ulhasnagar ICIC0161234
Ambernath ICIC0165678
Kalyan ICIC0172345
Mira Road ICIC0176789
Bhayandar ICIC0183456
Vasai ICIC0187890
Virar ICIC0194567
Palghar ICIC0199012
Boisar ICIC0205678
Nalasopara ICIC0212345
Bhiwandi ICIC0216789
Kalyan West ICIC0223456
Thakur Village ICIC0227890
Mumbra ICIC0234567
Kalwa ICIC0239012
Diva ICIC0245678
Titwala ICIC0249012
Ambernath East ICIC0256789
Vangani ICIC0261234
Kalyan East ICIC0265678
Ulhasnagar ICIC0272345
Dombivli West ICIC0276789
Bhiwandi ICIC0283456
Titwala West ICIC0287890
Badlapur West ICIC0294567
Vasai West ICIC0299012
Palghar West ICIC0305678
Nalasopara West ICIC0312345
Virar West ICIC0316789
Vasai East ICIC0323456
Virar East ICIC0327890
Naigaon East ICIC0334567
Bolinj ICIC0339012
Palghar East ICIC0345678
Nalasopara East ICIC0349012
Arnala ICIC0356789
Bhayandar East ICIC0361234
Virar West ICIC0365678
HDFC Bank Bandra West HDFC0001234
Andheri East HDFC0005678
Dadar East HDFC0009012
Vashi HDFC0012345
Thane West HDFC0016789
Kandivali West HDFC0023456
Ghatkopar East HDFC0027890
Colaba HDFC0034567
Malad West HDFC0039012
Borivali East HDFC0045678
Chembur HDFC0049012
Powai HDFC0056789
Parel HDFC0061234
Santacruz West HDFC0065678
Dombivli East HDFC0072345
Worli HDFC0076789
Lower Parel HDFC0083456
Mulund West HDFC0087890
Kurla East HDFC0094567
Goregaon West HDFC0099012
Bhayandar West HDFC0105678
Malad East HDFC0112345
Matunga HDFC0116789
Khar West HDFC0123456
Santacruz East HDFC0127890
Andheri West HDFC0134567
Mira Road HDFC0139012
Jogeshwari West HDFC0145678
Vile Parle West HDFC0149012
Goregaon East HDFC0156789
Borivali West HDFC0161234
Mulund East HDFC0165678
Malad West HDFC0172345
Vashi HDFC0176789
Thane East HDFC0183456
Koparkhairane HDFC0187890
Panvel HDFC0194567
Nerul HDFC0199012
Kalyan HDFC0205678
Ulhasnagar HDFC0212345
Ambernath HDFC0216789
Dombivli HDFC0223456
Badlapur HDFC0227890
ICICI Bank Nariman Point ICIC0001234
Churchgate ICIC0005678
Fort ICIC0009012
Colaba ICIC0012345
Lower Parel ICIC0016789
Worli ICIC0023456
Andheri East ICIC0027890
Bandra West ICIC0034567
Dadar East ICIC0039012
Goregaon West ICIC0045678
Malad East ICIC0049012
Kandivali West ICIC0056789
Borivali West ICIC0061234
Powai ICIC0065678
Vashi ICIC0072345
Thane West ICIC0076789
Ghatkopar East ICIC0083456
Mulund West ICIC0087890
Chembur ICIC0094567
Panvel ICIC0099012
Axis Bank Lower Parel UTIB0001234
Bandra East UTIB0005678
Andheri West UTIB0009012
Borivali West UTIB0012345
Malad East UTIB0016789
Powai UTIB0023456
Vashi UTIB0027890
Thane West UTIB0034567
Ghatkopar East UTIB0039012
Kandivali West UTIB0045678
Goregaon East UTIB0049012
Chembur UTIB0056789
Panvel UTIB0061234
Dadar East UTIB0065678
Borivali East UTIB0072345
Malad West UTIB0076789
Andheri East UTIB0083456
Lower Parel UTIB0087890
Khar West UTIB0094567
Santacruz West UTIB0099012
Worli UTIB0105678
Dadar West UTIB0109012
Juhu UTIB0112345
Versova UTIB0116789
Bandra West UTIB0123456
Santacruz East UTIB0127890
Goregaon West UTIB0134567
Malad West UTIB0139012
Kandivali West UTIB0145678
Borivali West UTIB0149012
Andheri East UTIB0156789
Powai UTIB0161234
Vashi UTIB0165678
Thane West UTIB0172345
Ghatkopar East UTIB0176789
Kandivali East UTIB0183456
Goregaon East UTIB0187890
Mulund West UTIB0194567
Chembur UTIB0199012
Panvel UTIB0205678
Dadar East UTIB0212345
Borivali East UTIB0216789
Malad East UTIB0223456
Andheri West UTIB0227890
Bank of Baroda Fort BARB0001234
Colaba BARB0005678
Nariman Point BARB0009012
Churchgate BARB0012345
Lower Parel BARB0016789
Worli BARB0023456
Andheri West BARB0027890
Bandra East BARB0034567
Malad West BARB0039012
Goregaon East BARB0045678
Kandivali West BARB0049012
Borivali East BARB0056789
Powai BARB0061234
Vashi BARB0065678
Thane West BARB0072345
Ghatkopar East BARB0076789
Kandivali East BARB0083456
Goregaon West BARB0087890
Malad East BARB0094567
Borivali West BARB0099012
Canara Bank Fort CNRB0001234
Colaba CNRB0005678
Nariman Point CNRB0009012
Churchgate CNRB0012345
Lower Parel CNRB0016789
Worli CNRB0023456
Andheri West CNRB0027890
Bandra East CNRB0034567
Malad West CNRB0039012
Goregaon East CNRB0045678
Kandivali West CNRB0049012
Borivali East CNRB0056789
Powai CNRB0061234
Vashi CNRB0065678
Thane West CNRB0072345
Ghatkopar East CNRB0076789
Kandivali East CNRB0083456
Goregaon West CNRB0087890
Malad East CNRB0094567
Borivali West CNRB0099012
Union Bank of India Fort UBIN0001234
Colaba UBIN0005678
Nariman Point UBIN0009012
Churchgate UBIN0012345
Lower Parel UBIN0016789
Worli UBIN0023456
Andheri West UBIN0027890
Bandra East UBIN0034567
Malad West UBIN0039012
Goregaon East UBIN0045678
Kandivali West UBIN0049012
Borivali East UBIN0056789
Powai UBIN0061234
Vashi UBIN0065678
Thane West UBIN0072345
Ghatkopar East UBIN0076789
Kandivali East UBIN0083456
Goregaon West UBIN0087890
Malad East UBIN0094567
Borivali West UBIN0099012
Kotak Mahindra Bank Fort KKBK0001234
Colaba KKBK0005678
Nariman Point KKBK0009012
Churchgate KKBK0012345
Lower Parel KKBK0016789
Worli KKBK0023456
Andheri West KKBK0027890
Bandra East KKBK0034567
Malad West KKBK0039012
Goregaon East KKBK0045678
Kandivali West KKBK0049012
Borivali East KKBK0056789
Powai KKBK0061234
Vashi KKBK0065678
Thane West KKBK0072345
Ghatkopar East KKBK0076789
Kandivali East KKBK0083456
Goregaon West KKBK0087890
Malad East KKBK0094567
Borivali West KKBK0099012
Indian Bank Fort IDIB0001234
Colaba IDIB0005678
Nariman Point IDIB0009012
Churchgate IDIB0012345
Lower Parel IDIB0016789
Worli IDIB0023456
Andheri West IDIB0027890
Bandra East IDIB0034567
Malad West IDIB0039012
Goregaon East IDIB0045678
Kandivali West IDIB0049012
Borivali East IDIB0056789
Powai IDIB0061234
Vashi IDIB0065678
Thane West IDIB0072345
Ghatkopar East IDIB0076789
Kandivali East IDIB0083456
Goregaon West IDIB0087890
Malad East IDIB0094567
Borivali West IDIB0099012
Yes Bank Fort YESB0001234
Colaba YESB0005678
Nariman Point YESB0009012
Churchgate YESB0012345
Lower Parel YESB0016789
Worli YESB0023456
Andheri West YESB0027890
Bandra East YESB0034567
Malad West YESB0039012
Goregaon East YESB0045678
Kandivali West YESB0049012
Borivali East YESB0056789
Powai YESB0061234
Vashi YESB0065678
Thane West YESB0072345
Ghatkopar East YESB0076789
Kandivali East YESB0083456
Goregaon West YESB0087890
Malad East YESB0094567
Borivali West YESB0099012
Delhi NCR State Bank of India Connaught Place SBIN0001234
Karol Bagh SBIN0005678
Chandni Chowk SBIN0009012
Saket SBIN0012345
Dwarka SBIN0016789
Nehru Place SBIN0023456
Vasant Vihar SBIN0027890
Greater Kailash SBIN0034567
Rohini SBIN0039012
Rajouri Garden SBIN0045678
Janakpuri SBIN0049012
Lajpat Nagar SBIN0056789
South Extension SBIN0061234
Pitampura SBIN0065678
Preet Vihar SBIN0072345
Mayur Vihar SBIN0076789
Green Park SBIN0083456
Malviya Nagar SBIN0087890
Paschim Vihar SBIN0094567
Shahdara SBIN0099012
HDFC Bank Connaught Place HDFC0001234
Karol Bagh HDFC0005678
Chandni Chowk HDFC0009012
Saket HDFC0012345
Dwarka HDFC0016789
Nehru Place HDFC0023456
Vasant Vihar HDFC0027890
Greater Kailash HDFC0034567
Rohini HDFC0039012
Rajouri Garden HDFC0045678
Janakpuri HDFC0049012
Lajpat Nagar HDFC0056789
South Extension HDFC0061234
Pitampura HDFC0065678
Preet Vihar HDFC0072345
Mayur Vihar HDFC0076789
Green Park HDFC0083456
Malviya Nagar HDFC0087890
Paschim Vihar HDFC0094567
Shahdara HDFC0099012
ICICI Bank Connaught Place ICIC0001234
Karol Bagh ICIC0005678
Chandni Chowk ICIC0009012
Saket ICIC0012345
Dwarka ICIC0016789
Nehru Place ICIC0023456
Vasant Vihar ICIC0027890
Greater Kailash ICIC0034567
Rohini ICIC0039012
Rajouri Garden ICIC0045678
Janakpuri ICIC0049012
Lajpat Nagar ICIC0056789
South Extension ICIC0061234
Pitampura ICIC0065678
Preet Vihar ICIC0072345
Mayur Vihar ICIC0076789
Green Park ICIC0083456
Malviya Nagar ICIC0087890
Paschim Vihar ICIC0094567
Shahdara ICIC0099012
Axis Bank Connaught Place UTIB0001234
Karol Bagh UTIB0005678
Chandni Chowk UTIB0009012
Saket UTIB0012345
Dwarka UTIB0016789
Nehru Place UTIB0023456
Vasant Vihar UTIB0027890
Greater Kailash UTIB0034567
Rohini UTIB0039012
Rajouri Garden UTIB0045678
Janakpuri UTIB0049012
Lajpat Nagar UTIB0056789
South Extension UTIB0061234
Pitampura UTIB0065678
Preet Vihar UTIB0072345
Mayur Vihar UTIB0076789
Green Park UTIB0083456
Malviya Nagar UTIB0087890
Paschim Vihar UTIB0094567
Shahdara UTIB0099012
Bank of Baroda Connaught Place BARB0001234
Karol Bagh BARB0005678
Chandni Chowk BARB0009012
Saket BARB0012345
Dwarka BARB0016789
Nehru Place BARB0023456
Vasant Vihar BARB0027890
Greater Kailash BARB0034567
Rohini BARB0039012
Rajouri Garden BARB0045678
Janakpuri BARB0049012
Lajpat Nagar BARB0056789
South Extension BARB0061234
Pitampura BARB0065678
Preet Vihar BARB0072345
Mayur Vihar BARB0076789
Green Park BARB0083456
Malviya Nagar BARB0087890
Paschim Vihar BARB0094567
Shahdara BARB0099012
Canara Bank Connaught Place CNRB0001234
Karol Bagh CNRB0005678
Chandni Chowk CNRB0009012
Saket CNRB0012345
Dwarka CNRB0016789
Nehru Place CNRB0023456
Vasant Vihar CNRB0027890
Greater Kailash CNRB0034567
Rohini CNRB0039012
Rajouri Garden CNRB0045678
Janakpuri CNRB0049012
Lajpat Nagar CNRB0056789
South Extension CNRB0061234
Pitampura CNRB0065678
Preet Vihar CNRB0072345
Mayur Vihar CNRB0076789
Green Park CNRB0083456
Malviya Nagar CNRB0087890
Paschim Vihar CNRB0094567
Shahdara CNRB0099012
Union Bank of India Connaught Place UBIN0001234
Karol Bagh UBIN0005678
Chandni Chowk UBIN0009012
Saket UBIN0012345
Dwarka UBIN0016789
Nehru Place UBIN0023456
Vasant Vihar UBIN0027890
Greater Kailash UBIN0034567
Rohini UBIN0039012
Rajouri Garden UBIN0045678
Janakpuri UBIN0049012
Lajpat Nagar UBIN0056789
South Extension UBIN0061234
Pitampura UBIN0065678
Preet Vihar UBIN0072345
Mayur Vihar UBIN0076789
Green Park UBIN0083456
Malviya Nagar UBIN0087890
Paschim Vihar UBIN0094567
Shahdara UBIN0099012
Kotak Mahindra Bank Connaught Place KKBK0001234
Karol Bagh KKBK0005678
Chandni Chowk KKBK0009012
Saket KKBK0012345
Dwarka KKBK0016789
Nehru Place KKBK0023456
Vasant Vihar KKBK0027890
Greater Kailash KKBK0034567
Rohini KKBK0039012
Rajouri Garden KKBK0045678
Janakpuri KKBK0049012
Lajpat Nagar KKBK0056789
South Extension KKBK0061234
Pitampura KKBK0065678
Preet Vihar KKBK0072345
Mayur Vihar KKBK0076789
Green Park KKBK0083456
Malviya Nagar KKBK0087890
Paschim Vihar KKBK0094567
Shahdara KKBK0099012
Indian Bank Connaught Place IDIB0001234
Karol Bagh IDIB0005678
Chandni Chowk IDIB0009012
Saket IDIB0012345
Dwarka IDIB0016789
Nehru Place IDIB0023456
Vasant Vihar IDIB0027890
Greater Kailash IDIB0034567
Rohini IDIB0039012
Rajouri Garden IDIB0045678
Janakpuri IDIB0049012
Lajpat Nagar IDIB0056789
South Extension IDIB0061234
Pitampura IDIB0065678
Preet Vihar IDIB0072345
Mayur Vihar IDIB0076789
Green Park IDIB0083456
Malviya Nagar IDIB0087890
Paschim Vihar IDIB0094567
Shahdara IDIB0099012
Yes Bank Connaught Place YESB0001234
Karol Bagh YESB0005678
Chandni Chowk YESB0009012
Saket YESB0012345
Dwarka YESB0016789
Nehru Place YESB0023456
Vasant Vihar YESB0027890
Greater Kailash YESB0034567
Rohini YESB0039012
Rajouri Garden YESB0045678
Janakpuri YESB0049012
Lajpat Nagar YESB0056789
South Extension YESB0061234
Pitampura YESB0065678
Preet Vihar YESB0072345
Mayur Vihar YESB0076789
Green Park YESB0083456
Malviya Nagar YESB0087890
Paschim Vihar YESB0094567
Shahdara YESB0099012