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About Lodi Garden Delhi:

Established in the 15th-16th century by the Sayyids and Lodis, the vast grounds of Lodi Garden are famous among the joggers of the Delhi city of India. Carefully kept gardens and the medieval monuments lend a charm to these gardens. In 1968, J.A Stein and Garrett Eckbo re-landscaped these gardens giving them their present beautified form. The several tombs situated in the garden belong to the Lodi and Sayyid Era and include Muhammad Shah’s Tomb and Sikander Lodi’s tomb. Muhammad Shah (1434 – 44) was the third ruler of Sayyid dynasty. In the middle of the gardens is the Bara Gumbad and Sheesh Gumbad. The Bara Gambad (Big Dome) consists of a large rubble-construct dome, a three domed masjid (mosque) and a residence surrounding a central courtyard, where the remains of a water tank can be seen. Opposite the Bara Gambad is the Sheesh Gambad, which contains the remains of some unknown family. Today Lodhi Garden is a favourite haunt of joggers, fitness enthusiasts and morning walkers. The garden is equally popular among young couples and old age people. The tomb of Muhammad Shah is made in distinct octangular form with a verandah and three arched openings. It is located in the south-west part of the garden. There are a total of eight graves inside it, the largest being of Muhammad Shah. It is noted particularly for the perfect symmetry, the crowning lotus and dome decorations. During the British times the garden went under the moniker of Lady Willingdon Park, all that stopped with the Independence when they reverted back to being good old Lodi garden. In 1968, the gardens were spruced and relandscaped by JA Stein and Garrett Eckbo. There are several tombs in this area. You can climb to the top of some of them. However the steps are very steep and dark so it’s strictly not recommended.Another interesting construction here is the ‘Athpula’ Bridge. It was built by Nawab Bahadur in the 16th century, during Akbar’s reign. This is bridge is called Athpula (eight bridge), as it rests on eight piers, forming seven arches. Besides these tombs, one can also visit the National Bonsai Park developed here, which has a delightful collection of miniature versions of several trees and plants. They look beautiful at sunset under soft light. Originally known as the Lady Willingdon Park, it was renamed Lodi Garden after Indian Independence in 1947. Lodhi Garden is a fine picnic spot. You can travel to Lodhi Garden for a leisurely stroll or just to bask in the winter sun. The garden offers peaceful and tranquil environs away from the hustle bustle of the city life.

The Major Attractions Inside Lodhi Garden Delhi:

A visit to Lodhi Garden can give you the feel of 15th century. The garden contains the following: Mohammed Shah’s Tomb, built in 1444 by Ala-ud-din Alam Shah (the last Sayyid dynasty ruler). Sikander Lodhi’s Tomb, built in 1517 by son Ibrahim Lodhi. Sheesh Gumbad, Bara Gumbad, Architectural works of Sayyid and Lodhis, Pathan dynasty ruins which ruled much of the Northern India during sixteenth century.

Events and Festivals Celebrated By Lodi Garden Delhi:

There are many mejor events are held in Lodi Garden Delhi.And also many festivals and nature releated events are celebrated in Lodi Garden Delhi.

Tourist Places Near Lodi Garden Delhi:

There are many tourist spot are very closed from Lodi Garden Delhi such as India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Ugrasen-ki-Baoli, Moth-ki-Masjid, Lotus Temple, Nizamuddin’s Shrine and Chirag Dehlvi’s Dargah.

Best Places to Eat Nearby Lodi Garden Delhi:

There are many restaurants and hotels for eat like Eatopia at India Habitat Centre, India International Centre for members only, Barista and other restaurants at Khan Market. There are many good eating joints are there in Ansal Plaza shopping mall on Khel Gaon Marg as well as in South Extension Part I & II modern markets. Since the gardens are near to Connaught Place, one can also many options to choose from the popular restaurants of CP.The number of snacks food stalls are standing near the road side at Lodi Garden Delhi.

Shopping Markets Near Lodi Garden Delhi:

Lodi Garden Delhi is the very near from Connaught place of delhi, which is the very famous area of delhi for shopping.Nearby Shopping Venues consist of places like Connaught Place for junk jewelry, pirated books and western clothes, Baba Kharak Singh Marg for the various state emporiums selling handcrafted regional goods, Central Cottage Industries for traditional merchandise and curios and Palika Bazaar for cheap Chinese electronic items.And also some beautiful markets like Ansal Plaza, one of the best malls of Delhi on Khel Gaon Marg, South Extension Part I & II modern markets, Khan Market, Janpath and Connaught Place.

General Fact about Lodi Garden Delhi:

Hotels near Lodi Garden Delhi:

Here is the List of Luxury & Budget Hotels/Resorts near Lodi Garden Delhi, available at cheap prices:

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How to Reach Lodi Garden Delhi by Road:

Located centrally, Lodhi Garden is easy to reach from any corner of the city. Below are the various modes of transport to Lodhi Garden.Tourists can either take local buses from various points within the city to reach the gardens, which are located near Connaught Place,or they can hire auto-rickshaws and taxis or take the metro.Lodi Garden Delhi is well connected by bus and Delhi Metro. Besides, you can also rent a car or auto-rickshaw from anywhere to Connaught Place. If you don’t mind taxi and rickshaw rates, then it’s the best means to reach Connaught Place and Lodi Garden Delhi. But if you are travelling on a tight budget, you can save your cash by traveling in the city transportation like bus and metro.Delhi Transport Department add better buses to its fleet. Though the old buses are still in service, now you will find the green buses which are more comfortable to reach Connaught Place and Lodi Garden Delhi. Now, travellers can also enjoy the comfort of AC city buses to reach not only Connaught Place but different parts of the city. Compared to the other buses, the red colored AC buses charge some few extra rupees but, it’s worth every penny spent.Also DTC bus service at Lodi Garden Delhi and the routes of DTC bus at Lodi Garden Delhi operated by the DTC.

How to Reach Lodi Garden Delhi by Rail:

The nearest station, which takes you to the Lodi Garden Delhi, is the New Delhi Railway Station. Make sure to board the metro station to get down at the Central Secretariat station.Nearest International Airport that ensures you, air connectivity is the Indira Gandhi International Airport.Tourists can either take local buses from various points within the city to reach the Lodi Garden Delhi, or they can hire auto-rickshaws, taxis and metro rail.There are various ways to reach the park. One can take a auto or reach the near most Metro station and then take a rickshaw or Tourists can either take local buses from various points within the city to reach.So you can easily reach to Lodi Garden Delhi by train.

How to Reach Lodi Garden Delhi by Air:

Delhi is well connected with domestic and international flights, to all the major cities within and outside India. Almost all the major airlines have their flights operating from Indira Gandhi International Airport of New Delhi. Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport is connected to all the important cities of the world with almost all the major international airlines operating out of here. Palam Domestic Airport connects Delhi to the major cities in India. Some of the domestic airlines operating regular flights to and from Delhi are Alliance Air

As mentioned, Delhi is connected to all the major cities in the world through Airways. Regular flights are available to almost all the European capitals and cities of prominence. Delhi is also well connected to the rest of India with domestic flights. The capital city of India, Delhi is easily accessible from different parts of the country and is also well connected from major cities in South Asia, with over 65 airlines linking it to most major destinations across the world as well as India. Delhi has two airports to cater the needs of commuters, Indira Gandhi International Airport and Palam Domestic Airport.

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